Explorer, writer, photographer, producer, possibilitator Lisa TE Sonne has experienced the remarkable on all seven continents and in many seas. Her creative work for Oscar, Emmy, Peabody, and CINE Golden Eagle winning projects has taken her to memorable places. She's explored all seven continents and dove many oceans, was the first woman to “fly underwater” in a winged submersible for Nat Geo TV, and has been weightless while covering space for LIFE magazine and the website Space.com that she helped develop and launch. Covers of her books are below. She's written for airline, AAA, Time-Life and National Geographic media as well.

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Sonne also turned an innovative philanthropic concept into a reality when she co-founded Charity Checks to help any charity. You can learn more about that side of her work by visiting these websites: CharityChecks.org and CharitableLiteracy.org

Sonne has also co-produced historic music concerts and records and an international documentary with co-host Gregory Peck that were sent to outer space; company-managed touring Broadway shows; produced for The Creative Spirit tv series; and contributed to projects as diverse as the first Terminator movie and Bill Moyer’s PBS show The Truth About Lies. She has been married in Japan, Romania, and Antarctica — to the same wonderful man.

Contact Lisa Sonne at lisa@sonne.org.


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 Buddha Meditations  Wrinkle in Time Happiness Handbook

Sonne has shown her versatility as a book author through six very different titles and an introductory essay to a special edition of Madeleine L'Engel's classic, "A Wrinkle In Time."

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